Over 50 years of experience for a brand designed to amaze and as a guarantee of refined confectionery art. Fimardolci invents, produces and packs high quality handmade biscuits, starting from the selection of the best raw materials and following the traditional confectionery recipes, in order to make small masterpieces of taste and goodness.

Our Specialities

Almond paste line, Filled biscuits, Puff pastry line, Rustic biscuits, Bar line, Display stands line, Assorted line.

Research and development

Study and Design of any kind of biscuit to meet specific market needs.
Improvement of the products shown in the catalogue and development of new confectionery masterpieces.


Sanitary safety of finished products and raw materials used.
Safety of workplace.
Physical and organoleptic tests on products to value their quality and compare it with market standards.


Possibility of making customized labelling and packaging for customers.
Exhibition in the most important fairs of this sector (ISM, Anuga, TuttoFood, Sial).
Direct advice and assistance according to customer’s needs.


Large-scale retail trade and retail sale.
Direct deliveries throughout Italy and abroad.

Fimardolci can distribute its products not only nationally but also internationally. Care, kindness and responsibility we provide our customers and consumers have made us a point of reference in 10 different European markets. Our staff is selected and qualified in the field. We work in respect of sanitary measures and industrial safety rules provided by our Community.

Production is followed during all stages of processing, from preparation of the dough, processing, up to the cooking and packaging. These strict controls make us a certified company. Reliable and punctual delivery, we guarantee freshness and quality of our products.From now on we also offer a new service of online sales just to give everyone the opportunity to taste our flavors in your own home!

History of biscuits

(Fragrance and taste of ancient times)

Our activity started in the ‘60s in Terracina, a little town overlooking Tyrrhenian Sea and close to Natural Park of Circeo. The firm arose and developed from a small pastry workshop with love and passion for confectionery art and moved in 2007 to a new and larger establishment in Pontinia, in the heart of Agro Pontino. Day after day, the expansion of the business rewarded the mastery of its founders and that of the new generation that has inherited and carried out with great care the secrets of handicrafts and traditional recipes of Italian confectionery, bringing out more than 150 different references, ready to satisfy every consumer’s need.

Fifty years of good things

(still worked and packaged with craftmade methods)

Our establishment extends for 3500 square meters, all covered, of which 2500 are devoted to production and the remaining to administration. It has today three productive lines, designed in the business for the production of a large range of products, as: breakfast and tee biscuits, filled shortbread, handmade cakes, puff pastry cakes, almond cakes and the traditional ones. Our productive choice has been always the same in the course of the years: working according to craftmade methods and preserving ancient recipes that characterize our biscuits. Skilled operators deal with stockage of raw materials, dosage of mixture and manufacturing that, as in packing department, is carried out almost exclusively by hand. The fusion of processes with modern machines preserves the original characteristics of taste: fragrance, friability and lightness of mixture, offering so a different flavour and taste from industrial standard.

The good method

(knowledge of market at the service of customers)

We have always devoted all our energies to making healthy, balanced and intelligent food and our care has been rewarded by recent certifications of our quality system at the highest level: IFS (International Food Standard), BRC-GSFS (Global Standard for Food Safety), standards especially required by foreign markets as Germany, England, France. Our target of making not only good but also healthy and genuine products meets GDO requirements of qualifying its own suppliers on sanitary safety, quality and legislative conformity. Qualified experts make strict controls of each stage of productive process: from selection of raw materials up to the production and the finished product, including also palletization and organization of orders. In our company policy the respect of human rights is basic and we also save our attention to environmental impact, by sensitizing the sustainable development of environment and energy saving.

Our commitment

(We are able to satisfy every need and customize offered services)

Passion and constancy of Fimardolci made it, after fifty years’ activity, a well-known and valued company not only in Italy but also abroad. Our products are exported in 10 different European countries. In order to satisfy our customers and meet market demands, we conceive and refine new recipes, take care of packaging and study qualitative trend, always guaranteeing freshness and genuineness of products. The success of our company is also due to kindness and responsibility in offered services, punctuality and reliability in deliveries, in relatively short times.