The Story

This is the story of a company set to grow over the years and apart from many others for the goodness and quality of its products.
It was 1960 when in a small pastry shop arose our passion of making sweets. In the small town of Terracina, a renowned place in the Agro Pontino, flour, sugar, eggs and butter began to be mixed together, creating tasty shapes and colors.

Right there, grandpa Jo and grandma Anna, heirs of confectionery masters, thanks to their skills and experience in the industry, made day after day many delicacies: croissants, pastries, cakes and biscuits. In this family business, they took care directly of production. Every sweet creation came from simple and genuine recipes and craftmade processes, all made by hand, as the typical tradition requires.

For this care they used, the reputation of their "good cakes" began to spread soon in all directions, inside and outside the country, to the point that they received a lot of good judgments. Over the years, they decided to give up the multiple-reference production and focus only on one goal: having a big biscuit factory what today has become!

Fimardolci is a family business, joining old and new generation and the experience gained over many years in the confectionery market. With its large factory it has become an important company activity. Cutting-edge technology and innovative working techniques are perfectly combined, without neglecting the value of ancient tradition that has always characterized this brand. The company operates on international scale and can offer its customers a wide range of confectionery products in various typologies of packaging, able to satisfy every taste and need.